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The Elite Youth Tour Bowling Events are not athletically bias.
Bowling is a sport for all ages, shapes, and sizes.


The Elite Youth Tour (EYT) a 501(c)3, founded in 2012 and became an official IRS recognized non-profit in 2014, by World Champion bowlers Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty, was born out of love and passion for the sport of bowling. EYT focuses on supporting active healthy lifestyles among youth while they learn championship bowling techniques and compete in nationally recognized competitions. Diandra Asbaty is the Executive Director of EYT and champions the motto; “Where Youth Bowlers Go To Become Professionals” which speaks to the importance of being professional in every aspect of your life.

EYT provides not only an opportunity for young bowlers (ages 5 to 20) to prepare for their future in bowling, but also gives them an outlet where they can learn essential and valuable life skills. Participating youth learn how to interview, how to deal with pressure, and how to conduct themselves in a professional manner through active coaching and mentoring provided by experienced all volunteer staff. Participants also have the opportunity to earn substantial scholarship money while building experience to compete at large scale tournaments. These youth bowlers also have the opportunity to earn the right to compete at Junior Gold, bowling’s biggest youth stage, and the chance to bowl for Junior Team USA.

In EYT’s short existence, we already have evidence of success with our programming. In fact, we have had 4 EYT participants earn a spot on the Junior Team USA, have awarded hundreds of scholarships totaling almost $100,000.

Regular programming includes not only a place where young bowlers go to become better bowlers, but to also develop life skills that will help them in all areas of their life. After obtaining more funding, the EYT plans to provides one-on-one or group coaching sessions that focus on technique and game strategy that includes the use of Positive Youth Development (PYD) and includes college and career readiness preparation. Group coaching is offered the night before the competition and is open to all youth (ages 5 to 20) regardless of experience or knowledge with bowling, fitness, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, or faith.


What they are saying . . .

I first attended the EYT last year and loved every minute of it. I enjoy coming back up here to get more experience and improvement on my game.

Sierra Lewis, 18

The EYT tournament has taught me the value of patience. Even when things seem tough in life if you wait and fight through it good things will come out of it.

Ranzy Collins, 18

The biggest leason I learned during the EYT is to always stay positive. My peers at the EYT always pick me up and encourage me when I am not doing to well. They have taught me that no matter how bad something may seem it will always get better.

Sheila Sutfin, 15


100 E. 14th St. #1005

Chicago, IL 60605


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When all the arms of the industry come together something powerful happens. Everyone succeeds.


“Bowling is not only a great American pastime, it offers a wealth of opportunity to our youth. As the CEO and Commissioner of the Professional Bowlers Association, I know that structured youth bowling is important for the health of the sport and affords opportunity for all young people on and 5 off the lanes.”

Tom Clark, CEO Professional Bowler’s Association

“USBC encourages potential partners and funding foundations to give EYT the highest consideration from sponsorship and awards. We are confident the EYT will continue to impact a broad crosssection of youth athletes and make a wonderful impact in the community.”

Chad Murphy, Executive Director United States Bowling Congress

Keys To Note:

Every youth bowler comes to the tournament with their mom, dad, or both. Many bring grandmothers, aunts, and uncles. This is a unique opportunity to get your product in front of many people in a very diverse environment.

We have a photographer at every event capturing the moments of the tour. They are uploaded to our website and are kept forever documenting the history of the Elite Youth Tour. Many youth bowlers snap shots in front of our sponsors backdrop and upload these photos to their social media. What kind of exposure does this mean? 100s of thousands of people seeing happy kids, in front of amazing and sup- portive companies.


Absolutely wonderful feedback when practicing. Very informative about lane play. Opportunity to meet other competitive bowlers. Gaining experi- ence for tournament play.
Lori Munson

The EYT has been great for my son in his recovery from a very serious illness. He’s having fun, learning to be a better bowler and meeting some fantastic people and making new friends. Playing has been the best therapy for him and he’s inspiring others as well.
Mike Partipilo

It helped my kid meet new people and make new friends. She also won scholarship money which will help her further her education and become a successful adult.
Jimmy Trexler

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100 E. 14th St. #1005

Chicago, IL 60605

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