USBC Youth or Junior Gold membership required. If you are not currently a USBC member, you may purchase your membership the day of the event. If a bowler wishes to be eligible to qualify for Junior Gold that participant must be a current Junior Gold member or purchase a Junior Gold membership prior to bowling in the tournament.

There will be no handicap for this tournament; all bowlers will compete with actual pin fall totals(scratch).

Traditional Format: Each bowler will bowl a 5 game qualifying block moving to a different lane after each game. The field will then be cut to the top 50% (plus ties). Advancing bowlers will bowl 2 games. Scores from the qualifying round WILL carry over into the advancers round. After 7 games, the field will be cut to the top 5, based on 7-game total pinfall, who will compete in a stepladder finals to determine the tournament champion. Stepladder matches will be one game total pins.

U12 Girls (Birth date 08/01/2005 or after)

U12 Boys (Birth date 08/01/2005 or after)

U15 Girls (Birth date 08/01/2002 – 7/31/2005)

U15 Boys (Birth date 08/01/2002 – 7/31/2005)

U20 Girls (Birth date 8/1/1997 – 7/31/2002)

U20 Boys (Birth date 8/1/1996 – 7/31/2001)

Each division must have a minimum of 6 participants to complete the division. If there are not 6 players in a division, the players who would qualify to participate in that division will be combined with the next appropriate age division (U12 to U15, U15 to U20) of their gender. Bowlers may opt to “bowl up” an age division of their gender.

If there is a tie in any division to determine the advancing player into the championship round (stepladder round), the bowlers who are tied will compete in a 9th and 10th frame roll of until the advancing player is determined. If there is a tie during a stepladder round match, a 9th and 10th frame roll off will be used until the advancing player is determined.

Each Junior Gold Champion will earn a paid entry to the 2017 Junior Gold Championships in Cleveland, OH. This event will advance only the “Champion” within each age/gender division. The “Champion” will be determined based on the highest 5- game qualifying score (Qualifying round). If the “Champion” has already earned a spot at Junior Gold or is not a Junior Gold member, the paid entry will be awarded to the next highest qualifier who is a Junior Gold member. **The Junior Gold qualifier is a separate event within the EYT tournament. Only 4 Junior Gold members in each age/gender division need to be competing to complete the Junior Gold qualifying divisions even if divisions are combined due to not meeting minimum E.Y.T division requirements.

In the event of a tie, if players qualify for the “Advancers Round”, game 1 of the advancers round will determine the winner, if still tied, then game 2 of the advancers round, if still tied, then game 3, if still tied, then a 9th 10th frame rolloff. If players do not qualify for the advancers round, they will bowl one additional game to determine junior gold

100% of all prize money ($30 per entry) will be awarded in the form of scholarship funds to be deposited into the participant’s SMART account. Payout ratios in all divisions will be 1:4 and will be published after event. Additional prize funds may be awarded.

Males: must wear long pants free of holes, no denim or shorts. Collared or Mock neck shirts of at least ¾” collar required, no TShirts or sleeveless shirts allowed. No hats may be worn during competition.

Females: must wear long pants or reasonable length shorts or skirt free of holes. Reasonable length means bottom of shorts or skirt must be no higher than 4″ above the knee. Capri’s or denim are not permitted. Collared or Mock neck shirts of at least ¾” collar required, no T-Shirts or sleeveless shirts allowed. No hats may be worn during competition.

Shirts with bowlers name on back strongly encouraged.

*No advertising on clothing may consist of alcohol, tobacco or offensive language or symbols. Violations may result in disqualification.

Violations: First offense dress code violations will result in $5 fine. Second offense will result in $10 fine. Third offense will result in disqualification. Dress Code violations carry over to future events.

Parents/spectators will be permitted to coach their child in the spectator’s area. NO coaching will be permitted on the lanes or in the settee area. If a bowler is receiving coaching in the spectator’s area, they must be ready to bowl when it is their turn. Violation of this may result in receiving a zero for each frame that the bowler is not ready to bowl when it is their turn.

Conduct that is deemed unsportsmanlike, offensive, crude or detrimental to the sport will not be tolerated. First offense will result in a verbal warning. Second offense will result in a $20 fine. Third offense will result in disqualification.

*Any conduct that is destructive to bowling center facilities or equipment will result in a $100 fine and immediate *No alcohol or tobacco may be used by any participant during the event and no alcohol may be consumed on the premises by any spectator during the event.

Players are responsible for filling out, adding, and turning in their own score recap. All recap scores must be initialed by an opponent on your pair of lanes each game. Failure to add scores will result in a $5 fine. Defacing or crumpling of score card will result in a $5 fine. Failure to turn in score sheet may result in disqualification. Failure to have score sheets initialed by opponent may result in disqualification and/or assessment of a $5 fine. Writing incorrect scores on score recap will result in a fine.

*Fines will be added to prize funds to be used at any EYT event chosen by tournament officials.

All other playing rules are covered by USBC rulebook.

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