Roster March 11 Des Plaines


Bowler’s Last Name Bowler’s First Name: What division are you in? Gender
Wright Henry U12 Boys Male
Coffma Aydan U12 Boys Male
Jordan Landin U12 Boys Male
Anifer Trevor U12 Boys Male
Switalski Luke U12 Boys Male
starkey Abigail U12 Girls Female
Keira Magsam U12 Girls Female
Trexler Kylee U12 Girls Female
Zuklin Carly U12 Girls Female
Callahan Riley U15 Boys Male
Connor Pula U15 Boys Male
Lewicki Nick U15 Boys Male
Sienes Justin U15 Boys Male
Williamson Brandon U15 Boys Male
Nolan Alex U15 Boys Male
Pagan Cristian U15 Boys Male
Zikuda Trevor U15 Boys Male
McCoy George U15 Boys Male
Reiger Blake U15 Boys Male
McKeel Jasmine U15 Girls Female
Orisek Katelyn U15 Girls Female
FOURNIER Todd René U15 Girls Male
Arndt Grace U15 Girls Female
baron jenica U15 Girls Female
Metcalfe Marissa U15 Girls Female
Guzzle Mitchel U20 Boys Male
Schroeder Billy U20 Boys Male
Crowe Cameron U20 Boys Male
Acosta Alex U20 Boys Male
Seth Cushman Seth U20 Boys Male
Fleege Matt U20 Boys Male
Smale Teagan U20 Boys Male
Wolf Avery U20 Boys Male
tyler kurcz U20 Boys Male
Akers Calvin U20 Boys Male
Smale Teagan U20 Boys Male
Schultz Collin U20 Boys Male
McCune Kevin U20 Boys Male
Catalano-Wild Dylan U20 Boys Male
Kushner Steven U20 Boys Male
Clark Will U20 Boys Male
Kasper Jeremy U20 Boys Male
Strauss Tommy U20 Boys Male
Quinn Shaun U20 Boys Male
Grafton Tyler U20 Boys Male
Nicholas Jerry U20 Boys Male
Schulthess Edmond U20 Boys Male
Urbanczyk Tyler U20 Boys Male
House Kaleb U20 Boys Male
Hoehnen Jaelynn U20 Girls Female
Frick Kylie U20 Girls Female
London Elise U20 Girls Female
Cummins Mabel U20 Girls Female
Heflin Megan U20 Girls Female
KIEFER AMELIA U20 Girls Female
Pagan Alina U20 Girls Female
Quintero Serenity U20 Girls Female
Odarczenko Victoria U20 Girls Female
Anifer Kendra U20 Girls Female
Tubbs Kailee U20 Girls Female
Carr Shania U20 Girls Female
Dalesandro Angelique U20 Girls Female

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