Bowling Ball/Equipment Swap Meet

Bowling Ball/Equipment Swap Meet

to benefit the Elite Youth Tour


River Rand Bowl

October 21, 2017

Here’s an opportunity to sell or swap some of the extra bowling balls, bags, shoes and other random bowling accessories you have accumulated over the years and support a great cause (The Elite Youth Tour!) at the same time.

A display area will be provided at River Rand Bowl for your “Swap Meet” items. You will receive sales tags so you can list your offer price(s) and provide owner info. Everything will be on display throughout the event and you can make offers, purchases, and sales (or swaps) throughout the day.

If you are the owner and you make a sale, the expectation is to donate at least 15% of your proceeds to the EYT. If two bowlers make a swap, the expectation is to donate 10% each to the EYT. Remember, the Elite Youth Tour is YOUR tour and the scholarships and prizes YOU receive at each event come from donations made by generous people and organizations – so please contribute generously!

Please bring cash/checks for buy/sell/swap transactions as they will be directly between buyers and sellers. Envelopes will be provided for donations (and donation receipts are available on request).

Will Clark, USBC Coach and Master Driller at the Bowlers E.R. Pro Shop, will provide plugging/drilling services for balls purchased during this Swap Meet at special rates in support of the EYT.

Thanks for being part of the SUCCESS of the Elite Youth Tour!!!

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