Sponsors are at the core of who the Elite Youth Tour is. Without support, it would be hard to sustain. We have a great group of amazing sponsors – many who have believed in us from the start.

To date, we have given away over $100,000 and many, many Junior Gold spots thanks to Storm. We even had one of our bowlers, Mabel, win the U15 Girls division this year at Junior Gold!

This year, we are changing things a bit. We believe that the Elite Youth Tour should be way more than just youth bowling tournaments. We are cultivating a space to grow future leaders. We believe by using bowling as a platform, we are able to create a difference in the community, and society.

Our mission is simple:
The Elite Youth Tour is the platform for young leaders to build strong communities and create positive social change.

Our vision is this:
Utilizing the sport of bowling to create a positive impact through personal youth development.

We look forward to welcoming many more companies on board to support our cause. Help us build your future leaders while we have fun doing it!

Since 1985, the best balls in the business. Interested in striking more? Go to Storm Bowling. 

Developed as the original 2-N-1 Grip in 1989, the Turbo brand has grown to become one of the best and most innovative companies in the bowling industry.

The main financial source of the Elite Youth Tour. Just an amazing man who lives in Delaware who believes in youth bowling, and what we are doing. Thank You Gale!

Bowlers Journal International is the oldest monthly sports publication in the world, and its editors and contributors collectively have earned more national writing awards than any other publication.

Launched in 2010, the IAB are defenders of the bowling universe. Want to help defend? Go HERE. 

Bowlifi is a unique sublimation company where Standing Out is the Key.

We would love to have you. Please email diandra@eliteyouthtour.com to talk.

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