In the early years of the Elite Youth Tour (2012-2016) we decided to waive your membership fee. We believed this was fair because we were focused on getting our legs under us and creating a tour that you, the bowler, would come back to. You’d come back because you love the community, the competition, and the opportunity to excel in something that you’re great at.

We believe now is the time to establish an EYT membership fee. First things first: This membership fee will go right back to the bowlers.

Here are the highlights of your membership:

  • Discounted tournament entry ($60 not $75)
  • Access to leadership portal: Create a profile and become a part of our online community.
  • Access to resources, contests, and youth development
  • End of Year Awards (Bowlers of the Year)
  • Honor Score Awards
  • End of Year event for MEMBERS ONLY
  • U20 Champion Banners for Members Only
  • Special Member Scholarship Opportunities

We believe that in order to keep this competitive tour on track, we need the means to do so. With your support through membership fees we can guarantee a very bright future for the EYT. Thanks for being a part of this amazing community.

Join these exclusive bowlers and become an EYT member!

Connor Pula
Gianna Brandolino
alex acosta
Jasmine McKeel
Brandon   Caruso
Trevor Anifer
Connell Kelleher
Kohlton Calvin
Tony Lundy
Mabel Cummins
Abigail Starkey
Jillian Martin
Vickie DesRocher
Bobby Habetler
Kayla Crawford
Blake Reiger
Laurie Jordan
Carly Zuklin
Tammy   Owens
Billy Schroeder
Mitchel Guzzle
Erin Cosner
Marc Gonzalez
Michael Partipilo, Jr.
Zachary McCormick
Collin Schultz
Richy Zenner
Braden   Kidd
Jaelynn Hoehnen
Austin Jordan
Eric Reusch
Kayla Rossi
Kyle Ward
Michaela Kelly
George   McCoy
Roman Caporale
Alex Nolan
Heather Waters
Jacob Smith
Serenity   Quintero
Payne Fakler
Luke Switalski
Laura Rohlfs
Kari Harold
Lauren   Schaefer
Jordan Chavez
Jeremy Paoli
Trevor Yurek
Chloe Long
Cristian Rosario
William Clark
Alyssa Blaney
Adam Gallion
Andru Blaney
Braden Walters
Grace Arndt
Michael Pruchnik
Jason Laba
Theron Mitchell
Ryan Winters
Thomas Green
Jacob Perry
Riley Callahan
Lauren Price
Joey Daviduke
Angelique  Dalesandro

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