EYT Members 2017-2018

Trevor Amir
Savannah Magruder
alex acosta
Jonathon Skalon
Karina Capron
James Menard
Brianna Schmidt
Nolan Blessing
Samantha Bugno
Jodi Gutterman
Monica Darrow
Tyler Grafton
Kaitlyn Rudy
Victoria Odarczenko
Jillian Martin
Caitlyn Kaltenbrun
Paige Matiasek
Ethan Kailin
Justin Zinga
Megan Hess
Gabriel Mejia Wick
Hannah Breie
Andrew Mason
Landin Jordan
Luke Fisher
Brandon Williamson
Brandon Caruso
Kyle Vollmann
Marissa Metcalfe
Henry Wright
Jasmine McKeel
Shelley Carroll
marilyn sullivan
Kyle Bowman
Jemma Skweres
Laura Rohlfs
Kylie Frick
Theron Mitchell
Megan Kolberg
trevor madura
Emily Voight
Breanna Pimentel
Connor Mooney
William Clark
Charlie Jones
Lauren Tomaszewski
Elizabeth White
Kristy Frick
Calvin Akers
Emilie St Clair
David Winters
Ameer Lawrence
Megan Douglas
Alex Wiles
Chantelle Foster
Mina Garner

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