Pecans Galore.

In September I decided that I wanted the Elite Youth Tour to have their own fundraiser. Instead of giving a third party a cut of the hard work the kids would do, I wanted to find something that I could do (with the help of some amazing friends) myself. So that everything could go back to the Elite Youth Tour.

I didn’t want an “annoying” fundraiser. I wanted the kids to sell something that people would actually want to buy. Multiple times perhaps. I thought to myself, “What do I like getting around the holidays?” Every December my Aunt from Arizona sends us a package of candied pecans. Delicious, and festive. Seemed like the perfect idea.

I opened the fundraiser up to the entire Elite Youth Tour gang. If they sold 10 bags ($15 each) they would get a free entry into a Elite Youth Tour event. 11 young bowlers participated. Just 11. But, those 11 killed it. They worked hard going to league after league, and hitting up their families at Thanksgiving, and on their Facebook. We used a great site that made it super easy to raise money and sell these Pecans.

As you can tell FROM THE FUNDRAISING PAGE the original goal was $2,000. These 11 kids blew that goal out of the water! With a total of $9,356, needless to say I was super proud of this first Elite Youth Tour fundraiser.

The top two fundraiser champions, Mitchel Guzzle and Abigail Starkey will receive their choice of any two Storm Bowling Products plus a 2 Ball Tote. Thanks for your support, Storm!

52 Free entries were earned!

The fundraiser closed on Thanksgiving night. And then the real work began. 559  12 ozbags of pecans. 559!!! Fortunately I have a super awesome pastry chef in my back pocket (Thanks Karen Urie Shields!) and a chef husband to figure this out with me. How many pounds of pecans did I need? And sugar! and brown sugar! and Cinnamon! and oh my goodness, what had I gotten myself into?!

Just in case you’re wonderings, the total numbers ended up being:

Pecans: 300lbs. (gulp)


Brown Sugar:



Egg Yolk:


I got the ingredients, but now how was I going to produce all of it!? Fortunately, my pastry chef friend Karen, and her husband, John just opened one of the top restaurants in Chicago. And, they opened their kitchen to me. (THANK GOODNESS. No idea what Plan B was.) With the help of Karen, and my husband John, and another friend, Corey, and many hours smelling like a holiday delight- we did it. It took about 4 days and a lot of oven space.

But, turns out they were super yummy and everyone LOVED them! Check out this recap video.

We are brainstorming ideas for a Spring Fundraiser. What should we do!?



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